Knowing: A Generic Data Analysis Application

We got another demo accepted:

Knowing: A Generic Data Analysis Application

Thomas Bernecker, Franz Graf, Hans-Peter Kriegel, Nepomuk Seiler, Christoph Türmer, Dieter Dill
To appear at 15th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (2012)
March 27-30, 2012, Berlin, Germany


Extracting knowledge from data is, in most cases, not restricted to the analysis itself but accompanied by preparation and post-processing steps. Handling data coming directly from the source, e.g. a sensor, often requires preconditioning like parsing and removing irrelevant information before data mining algorithms can be applied to analyze the data. Stand-alone data mining frameworks in general do not provide such components since they require a specified input data format. Furthermore, they are often restricted to the available algorithms or a rapid integration of new algorithms for the purpose of quick testing is not possible. To address this shortcoming, we present the data analysis framework Knowing, which is easily extendible with additional algorithms by using an OSGi compliant architecture. In this demonstration, we apply the Knowing framework to a medical monitoring system recording physical activity. We use the data of 3D accelerometers to detect activities and perform data mining techniques and motion detection to classify and evaluate the quality and amount of physical activities. In the presented use case, patients and physicians can analyze the daily activity processes and perform long term data analysis by using an aggregated view of the results of the data mining process. Developers can integrate and evaluate newly developed algorithms and methods for data mining on the recorded database.


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More informations will be published at the official publication site at the LMU.

Sometimes AntiVirus Scanners just suck

Due to some very strange and non reproducible bugs I deleted my NetBeans profile to get back to a fresh post-install state. This mainly hat two very different results: A positive one and the one why I am writing this post. The positive one is/was that the mystery-bug disappeared.

After deleting the profile, NetBeans wants to update all its modules to the latest releases – which is okay.
The problem however was that NB never managed to download all the modules and just got stuck randomly between 0% and 100%. NB just said “downloading …” but the task manager showed 0 bytes/sec traffic. First I thought that the download/update servers might be overloaded. After 3 days of repeatedly trying –  I was very douptful about that first guess. Finally I sent an email to the NetBeans mailinglist, if s.o else also experienced such a problem.

The first answer came in just 70min after my question saying “I had this problem and found that if I turn off AVG I could get the plugins.”.
Uhoh – I didn’t mention my AV scanner in my post – yet I am using AVG, too. And – surprise – after disabling resident shield, mail-scanner, link-scanner and identity protection – NB suddenly was able to update to the latest version. Unfortunately AVG never said that it was doing something of that kind!

So the lesson learned: If some really weird stuff is happening, try to disable the AV scanner – but don’t forget to re-enable it!

Update: same happens with Eclipse when downloading/installing plug-ins. – At least AVG is consistent with blocking Java-IDEs.