How to make Html Links in Android Text View work

The task itself is easy: You have a TextView which should show a clickable link to open a WebPage. As ususal, there are several ways to achieve the goal. The nasty thing is: if you mix them, they might no longer work. And also, some sometimes work, sometimes they don’t.

As it took me a little while to figure my final settings, I’ll note them here. A StackOverflow Post was a hint into a very good direction.

First, display the links as clickable links in the textview:

textView.setText(Html.fromHtml("Here is a <a href=\"\">link</a>"));

Now there are two options:
Either make the link clickable programmatically by adding the following code:


or add android:autoLink="web" to the according XML-element:


If one of the options doesn’t work, try the other one, but don’t mix them. In one of my apps there are TextViews in two different activities with very similar setup. Yet, the android:autoLink="web" solution didn’t work in both TextViews whereas the setMovementMethod works in both. In the StackOverflow Post, some users also mention that both solutions didn’t work, and that android:linksClickable="true" was a solution.

My learning was: there are multiple ways to achieve the goal, but test it on each component separately as I do not yet completely trust the setMovementMethod way.