The Java7 bug … does it really affect you?

I was really happy about Java7 being finally delivered by Oracle – and really disappointed that there are 3 severe bugs that can either crash the JVM (ok, bad but – well) or produce wrong results silently (ohoh!). To excuse Oracle – the bugs were found very short before the release so they had no time to fix it – okay, really bad luck. Well – I don’t have Java 7 in production now, so I’m fine.

But as there’s so much fuss about it I dug a bit into the topic: The three evil bugs are the bugs with ID 7070134, 7044738 and 7068051.
All three bugs are in the states: Fix-Available and Fix-Delivered. So we just need to wait for the next Java update, right?

Wait: But all three bugs are “only” concerning the server VM. Of course, this is bad for the people who want to use Java 7 on their server right now. But if you just work on the client side and don’t use the server VM – well then you just don’t have to care about it.

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