Good bye posting on LinkedIn?

“Why am I posting on LinkedIn?”

That question recently just came to my mind.

My inital idea was to change from LinkIn posting to posting on another, work/IT related Mastodon-account – just for the sake of getting off a commercial platform. But then I started asking myself the “whys”

Question: Why do I post on LinkedIn at all?

  • Do I own a business that I need to advertise? No
  • Do I want to be “famous” / have lots of followers? No
  • Do I identify myself by the amount of followers/likes/reach? No
  • Do I aim for discussion? No
  • Do I get / trigger discussion? Rarely (no)
  • Do I personally “get” a lot from posting on LinkedIn? No
  • Do I get ANYTHING from posting on LinkedIn? Yes, sometimes some nice feedback! That’s nice!
  • Do I find the LinkedIn Stream valuable for me? Rarely
  • What is the time/gain ratio of the LinkedIn stream? NOT good
  • Does “posting on LinkedIn” suck me into scrolling? Yes definitely. And I don’t like it!

Question: Why do I post AT ALL?

Well, sometimes I find some thoughts, ideas or solutions worth sharing. That’s a valid reason to me. And the traffic to some of my blog posts seems to justify the time I need to write about it.

Question: Why do I post on LinkedIn vs Posting on Mastodon vs my blog?

LinkedIn– Most views in short time– Short Lived
– Not my own platform
– Sucks me into LinkedIn
– Deleting old content is hard
– Limited Styling
Mastodon– Independent platform
– Deleting old posts is easy
– Short Lived
– Not my own platform
– Start with 0 people network
– Yet another account
– I don’t aim for discussion
– Limited Styling
Own Blog– My platform
– Long Lived (Search Engines)
– Can propagate to Fediverse
– Full styling possibility
– No length delimiter
– Full control
– Low reach (RSS & Search Engine)
– Loose current audience
Evaluation Matrix

Well, as I don’t really care for the reach (Some how-tos I only post to have them documented for myself – it’s a nice side-effect if it’s useful for someone else as well). I can hardly find any reason I should not move to posting on my own blog.

Except that I won’t get the feedback as I get it now on LinkedIn (okay, I can live with that) and that I will likely lose all audience from LinkedIn because they (highly likely) will not follow my blog. But on the other side: I can live with that, too. And those who REALLY want to follow can still follow via RSS or Fediverse!

Especially regarding the lifetime of my posts: on any social media, the posts get a quick peak (well – if at all) and are then literally gone. On my blog they are reachable / findable via search engines “forever”.

Regarding all the above … I tend to say “Good Bye LinkedIn-posting!”

PS: I probably won’t stop posting on LinkedIn completely – but I’ll link only to my or other content. I want to keep my content on my platform.

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