Good Conference Talks aren’t just Success Stories

Recently, my colleagues and I attended the World of Data conference. (The conference is an event in the data and analytics industry, where latest trends, technologies etc are presented in workshops and talks/presentations. It’s pretty nice to be honest!)

After the conference we discussed the sessions and topics we attended internally in different rounds. Of course we all had different opinions, but we all agreed on one theme: The value of honesty in some presentations!

What truly resonated with us were those presentations where speakers candidly shared their failures and mistakes. Rather than only highlighting their successes and how great they are, these presenters detailed what did not work and how they overcame those challenges.

This level of transparency and honesty is the reason I attend conferences. Demonstrating setbacks, their causes, and the solutions (if any) is incredibly valuable because it helps us avoid similar pitfalls or find ways out of them.

We need more talks like these that provide real, actionable insights.

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