How to fix: Jabra Elite 75T different volume of in-Ear headphones

I often just use one of the in-ears of my Jabra 75T. Recently I figured out that when I use both in-ears headphones, the right one was significantly louder than the left one. After a quick hearing test, I was convinced that it is not a problem with my hearing but with one of the headphones.

After some back and forth, the easiest solution was:
Simply hard reset the headphones in 2 simple steps.

  1. take the headphones out of the case and ensure they are turned on (green LED)
  2. Press and hold the buttons on the headphones for ~10s until the right one flashes blue and then both LEDs flash purple
  3. reconnect to your phone

If this does NOT help, check the other Jabra post(s)!

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