How to make ActivityPub plugin publish WordPress posts

In general it should be super simple to federate WordPress posts to the fediverse: Just simply install and activate the ActivityPub WordPress plugin and there you go.

I activated the plugin in two WordPress installation. In one it worked like a charm in one the federeation simply did not work. I aslo asked at the ActivityPub Support on (and checked Cron logs etc). Nothing helped.

Then, one day I found the solution: The Site URL / Domain name must be all in small letters. On this blog, I had the site URL = As soon as I changed to a small “l”, federation worked like a charm.

Fix Twitter share button in WordPress’ Huge-IT Share buttons

I just tried the Huge-IT share plugin for wordpress and realized that the twitter share button seems to have a bug: When sharing, the tweet will not link back to the URL. Not cool :-/


changed the file (via edit plugin): wp-share-buttons/Front_end/share_front_end_view.php

case 'share_twitter_button':
 $link= ''.$linkthispage.'&text='.$str;

Now the URL is prepended with http and thus displayed in the twitter share-dialog as well. Mission accomplished.
(And Huge-IT is also informed about the bug + fix)

Have fun and a happy new year