Rooting and upgrading my HTC Tattoo to CyanogenMod 7

Yesterday I decided that the days of my HTC Tattoo running original HTC-Android-1.6 were numbered – finally. Actually the thought about updating was in my mind for QUITE some time. But with all the different how-to-update guides and “oh my god I broke my phone”-posts, I was really frustrated and unsure if I should really risk to “brick” my phone (a.k.a.: turn it totally unusable).

Well okay – so I crawled the web once more for an up-to-date update guide. Well – to make a (rather) long story short: I achieved my goal!

I made some more restarts and so on, but the fastest way should be:

  1. Make a list of Apps that you don’t want to miss or check Google Play if your apps are listed there.
  2. Download CyanogenMod zip and the Google Apps zip to the SD Card of the phone.
  3. Download and run 1 Click Root and/or Recovery (This roots the phone and installs ClockworkMod which is needed to install a new ROM)
  4. Reboot the phone into recovery mode (press home and power button ~20s until you are in recovery mode)
    1. Backup the system to the SD Card
    2. perform a factory reset (really needed?)
    3. Install Cyanogen and Google Apps
  5. Restart
  6. Reinstall apps
  7. Make a donation to CanogenMod

As I said: really easy thanks to the 1 Click Root and/or Recovery script!


  • If you love your phone: DON’T DO IT!
  • Do NOT ASK ME for support if you brick your phone. There are plenty of forums out there with lots of experts.

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4 thoughts on “Rooting and upgrading my HTC Tattoo to CyanogenMod 7”

    1. At least for me it works great!
      – It feels much more reactive,
      – I can install Android 2+ Apps,
      – the volume is now usable! Before I had just very loud and extreme loud
      – the display now adjusts to all 4 directions and not just 2
      – …

  1. in step 3 I unzipped the file and clicked on the green symbol with the H. than went to recovery mode and tried to install, but it says can’t open sdcard/ so i’m still stuck with android 1.6. any suggestions?

    1. Maybe the is broken. I’d suggest to download and try again and – if it still doesn’t work – ask directly in the cyanogenmod forums.
      Googd Luck!

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